The school is led by its founders, Mr. Arturo N. Tangal as President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, and his wife, Mrs. Aida S. Tangal, as Vice-President and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees. A School Board was created to assist the two in running the affairs of the school. All members of the School Board are parents of students of the school.

The Administration Officers and Staff

School Director - Dr. Arturo N. Tangal, CPA

School Principal/Academic Coordinator - Mr. Adrian Wilson T.

Chaplain - Pastor Arturo N. Tangal, CPA

Guidance Counsellor - Mrs. Aida S. Tangal

Business Development  Manager - Mr. David S. Tangal

School Registrar - Miss Jimyles Talaboc

School Librarian - Miss Jimyles Talaboc

Accountant/Bookkeeper - Ms. Hazen Unabia

English - Teacher Grethel

Bible Coordinator - Teacher  Jonabeth

ESL Coordinator - Teacher Gia





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