Printed Distance Learning (PDL) - All Local (Tutelage)

Printed Distance Learning (PDL) - All Local (TUTELAGE) - is a distance learning/homeschooling program of HCSI using locally printed textbooks and materials for all subjects/courses.  This homeschooling program is good for Filipinos who wish to pursue further education in the Philippines.  This is best for those who want to provide homeschooling education for their children at a minimal cost and spend time efficiently.

           Registration Fee                             Php   2,500.00
           Annual Tuition Fee                        Php  12,500.00 (Subsidized)*
           Annual Tuition Fee                        Php  18,000.00 (Non-Subsidized)*
This program is only available to HIGH SCHOOL levels pending completion  of its Elementary curriculum. 

*NOTE:  1. The above tuition fee excludes textbooks and materials. Students and/or parents are responsible to buy the textbooks separately from the school and pay its related airfreight costs.
                2. Subsidized Tuition Fee is only available as of now to the following:

1. To students whose parents have only a combined gross monthly income of Php 16,000.00 or below or annual gross income of Php 192,000.00  or below per latest Income Tax Return (ITR). Students who wish to avail of the subsidized tuition fee must signify in its enrollment form and must submit a photocopy of their parents' latest Income Tax Return (ITR) via e-mail.
NOTE: HCSI offers distance learning/homeschooling programs on the basis of its Permanent Recognition/Accreditation/License to operate Pre-School to High School Courses in Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines  from the Department of Education (Dep Ed), Republic of the Philippines.