Online Distance Learning (ODL) - Combo (e-Scholastic)

1. Online Distance Learning (ODL) -  Combo  (e-Scholastic) is a distance learning/homeschooling program of HCSI using four (4) online International Courses/Subjects of, USA  (English, Science, Math and Social Studies - USA setting) in combination with Philippine-published textbooks for other courses/subjects such as Filipino, Civics/Social Studies-Philippine setting, Bible, Home Economics and Livelihood, Computer, and Music, Arts, Physical Education (MAPE) for PRE-K, KINDERGARTEN AND ELEMENTARY levels (Grade 1 to Grade 6)   This program is advisable for Filipinos and other nationalities who wish to pursue further education in the Philippines and at the same time aspire for more challenges.  Parents and/or students are to subscribe from for its web-based curriculum in Language Arts, Language Arts Extensions, Science, Math and Social Studies - USA setting and buy locally printed textbooks through HCSI.
     Pre-K (Nursery and K-1):
          Registration Fee                                                    -   Php   2,500.00
          Annual Tuition Fee                                                -   Php 21,000.00*
     Kindergarten (K-2), Elementary (Grade 1 to Grade 6):
          Registration Fee                                                    - Php     2,500.00
          Annual Tuition Fee                                                - Php   28,000.00*       

*Costs of locally printed textbooks and materials for local subjects and subscription costs of web-based curriculum from are not included in the abovementioned fees.