Online Distance Learning (ODL) - International Program (e-Comprehensive)

Online Distance Learning (ODL) -  International Program (e-Comprehensive) is an online distance/homeschool program of HCSI using primarily all international courses/subjects of the following providers:
1., USA  -  For English, Science, Math, Social Studies and Foreign Language subjects - in combination with local E-BOOKs for courses/subjects such as Bible, Home Economics and Livelihood, Computer, and Music, Arts, Physical Education (MAPE) for PRE-K, KINDERGARTEN TO LEVEL 10.   This program is advisable for Foreign students or nationalities (Non-Filipinos) who wish to pursue further education after HCSI outside the Philippines.
     Costs and Fees:
          -  Annual Registration Fee                                   -  Php    5,000.00
          -  Annual Tuition Fee                                             -  Php 38,000.00
              TOTAL                                                                  -  Php 43,000.00
          - Plus subscription to web-based interactive digital curriculum from US$ 19.95 a month to US$ 30.00 a month for 10 months plus local E-BOOKS.
2. Complete Curriculum, Michigan, USA.  These subjects are namely  English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  This is good for international students who wish to pursue further education after HCSI outside the Philippines like USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe, etc.
       Cost and Fees:
                -  Annual Registration Fee                             -   Php   5,000.00
                - Annual Tuition Fee                                        -   Php 35,000.00
                - Annual Web Charges                                   -   Php   8,500.00
                   TOTAL                                                             -   Php 48,500.00
                - Plus - Textbooks for Bible and MAPE subjects.
                           -  Computer subject.
   3. Monarch Online curriculum is an online web-based homeschool curriculum provided by its website, hence a personal desktop or laptop computer or notebook, duly connected to the internet  is needed for the student and parent  access the curriculum. Monarch web-based Curriculum are for Language Arts/English, Science, Math, Bible and Social Studies-USA setting.
     Costs and Fees:
          -  Annual Registration Fee                               -  Php   5,000.00
          - Annual Tuition Fee                                          -  Php 38,000.00
          -   TOTAL                                                              -  Php 43,000.00
          Plus - Monarch Online Curriculum (set)       - US$       449.95
4. SevenStar Academy (SSA), Ohio, USA.  These subjects are namely English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Bible, and any one of the Elective Courses/Subjects.  Students who enrol in this program are given two transcripts of record: from HCSI and SSA; thus, having both becomes an advantage to American, Filipino and international students alike who wish to pursue further education in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe and other countries outside the Philippines.  For American and other international students who wish to take an online and internationally accredited home school program that is of quality American online education at a very affordable price, this program is the best. (NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME PENDING RENEGOTIATION WITH CURRICULUM SUPPLIER)
      Cost and Fees:
Registration Fee (for new and returning students)     US$    100.00
Tuition Fees with Teachers from HCSI:*
Single Course/Subject (semester long)                        US$    350.00
Single Course/Subject (year long)                                  US$    450.00
6 Courses/Subjects (semester or year long)               US$ 1,795.00

Additional Notes:
AP and Dual Credit Courses/Subjects are US$100 per extra course
Dual Credit Courses may require the purchase of  additional textbooks.

*HCSI Online Teachers are those who have completed the required Sevenstar Academy training and have been approved by Sevenstar Academy and HCSI.